Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!
oh and happy birthday to my father as well!

Sunday, January 29, 2006


One of my favourite flower. Narcissus kind. Daffodil kind I guess? This one is called "Tahiti".
Went to check out "yomogimushi" (herb sauna kinda thing from Korea) last night with my friend. Interesting.

Gavin! Hope you will get better soon. Odaijini.

Friday, January 27, 2006

mmm PIE!

You Are Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional
Those who like you crave security
Want a slice...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday

To Chris. Hope you had a great B-day.

I bought the ticket to Malaysia. Since the weather there is always same, tickets wouldn't get much cheaper any time in year. Surprised about the price when my agent told me. I can get cheaper tickets to Canada. Oh well, I am looking forward to go to Malaysia and get Sun stroke like I usually do during summer. well... I am just kidding.

I got an email from my Canadian sis.
I will have a Canadian niece!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Gavin.
Hope you are having a good day!

Reading pretty much all day.
I just love lazy day like this.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Nasi Goreng

Decided to go to Malaysia to visit my friend Kayoko and her family.
I thought I need to go somewhere other than the "great white north".
I will probably be there sometime in Feb. I've already talked to one of my co-workers. I need to talk to another one and I will do that tomorrow. Oh of course the one I talked to today said "yes, you can go."
Most of us at work are planning, well, at least thinking what to do about our "pay vacation". (since they close down the office in this year.) Lucky me (???) I've been spending my quota every year. So I only have 5 left. Then I will get another 12 end of May. And I have to spend those 12 days till end of July. Must go to another trip for a week or so in June... my last vacation was... like someone said "mini-disaster". It was very tough some part of the vacation and was tough till recently on my credit card. Gee I can't believe how much I actually spent on shopping. I just kept buying stuff and trying to forget about everything. And it was bad.
Now I paid all of them and I am good. Since I bought so many clothes last time, I don't need to buy much clothes till... maybe next year. (and I am serious .)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rainy Saturday

So it was Friday the 13th yesterday.
I was gonna write this last night though I just got lazy.
I'm not triskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia. (I don't even know how to pronounce them) Maybe it's a cultural thing. After all I grew up in Japan. People here thinks number 4 or 9 is bad luck. 4 as "yon" or "shi" and "shi" means "death". 9 as "kyu" or "ku" and "ku" means "suffer". As I work at cell phone company I know some people really cares about those numbers. Some just hate to have their phone # includes 4 or 9.
Me personally... don't care much about numbers. Or black cats or cutting nails at night. (I have a phobia more like NOT cutting nails and my nails get dirty. Sometime I must cut my nails no matter when. Good thing that I don't bite them.)
I guess I'm not very superstitious.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Unlucky or Lucky?

First thing in the morning, I was babbling at my friend/co-worker at work.
I was saying...
"so far, 2006 is worse than last year."
"nothing good happened so far." (and I know that's not true!)

I've been grumpy for a while. And I wasn't in a good mood in this morning.
When I got to work, I noticed I forgot my security cards. I had to call the office and asked someone to come out and get me. Mood getting worse.

So I was babbling.

I called my mom and told her that I'm gonna go home during my lunch time and get my security cards. Then she said she can bring them to my work. It's about 20 mins bike ride from home.
My mood getting brighter. So I took mommy for lunch. We had a good time together.

After lunch I got this.

It's 茶香炉 (cha kouro) and hair pins.
And they are Birthday present from someone at work. I didn't even know that she knew when is my b-day.
My mom and Nishiyama-san made my day.
I'm definitely in a better mood than yesterday.
Btw, Cha Kouro is like incense burning pot. Tea burner insted of incense.
Never tried before though I'm gonna try it soon. I think I will like it.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Older now.
And wiser?
I hope so.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


When I woke up and looked outside of my hotel window.

Snow flowers. It was just so beautiful.
I was at To-ji.

I had a almost private volunteer guide in that five storied pagoda. I said almost cuz people came and went during he was explaining about the pagoda. But I was pretty much the only one who stayed from the begining to the end. And he was young and cute... hehe, I think he's uni student.
And I went to Shimogamo-jinja with Megu.
Went through beautiful trees.

And clean clean water.

I had a great time both days with my favourite friends.


Nara is one of my favourite place to visit. It's bit quieter than Kyoto but nice things to see. And it's always great to visit anywhere with great friends.

My first visit to Horyu-ji.
And of course one of my favourite temples. Todai-ji.

Thanks to G and M for the great day!
Oh and I got some presents from them.

A box of Osendei (rice cracker) and lucky charm which specially works for LOVE. hehe
Thank you, I love you guys.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


To M who wants to be unknown and Matthew who turned 15.

Oh and Happy Birthday to me.
Thanks very much to Fran, David and Jeremy who made this snowman to show me. (I wonder what's in his nose though... hehe) Thank you to Barb, Kayoko, Yasuko, Akiko, Kazuko and Megumi for thinking of me today.

Just got back from Nara/Kyoto trip. I will post some pics later. I had so much fun with my favourite friends.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Strong Wind

It woke me up this morning.
I mean strong wind... shaking my windows.
I remember that same thing happened a while ago... strong winds and bright city lights.
Even though the room was warm and I wasn't alone... I felt very cold.
This morning, I was alone and room was cold... but I felt warm in my bed and relaxed.
I thought it's funny and I smiled.

Got an email from my old lost friend. And talked to my bro/close friend W.
Both of them are struggling to go through hard time of their lives.
I should be feeling lucky.

Oh and I won 3,300 yen. Loto.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Feet Cold

My feet are cold. So reaching for the heater.

My parents and I went to 初詣 hatsumoude. First visit of the year to a shrine/temple.
Though it was more like 厄除け yakuyoke. Drive out an evil spirit. My last year of 厄年 yakudoshi. 3 unlucky years.
I waited about 1 hour standing in a line to get a a protective charm.

Then we went to bit more quiet temple.

They have lying Buddha. It was quiet and beautiful.
More pics at my msn space.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

First Day

At work.
It was slow and nice in the morning through afternoon. I could do some work which I wanted to finish before work get hectic.
But... exactly the time I was gonna leave... things got bit busier for my co-workers. So I stayed. Till 8:30pm.

Outside of my office.
Look! Nobody was there! It was very quiet.
Oh well, at least I will have two days off from tomorrow.
And I've gotten some goodies at work today...


A Happy New Year everyone!

From me back in 2005 and me in 2006.

Hope everybody has a great safe year ahead.