Wednesday, May 31, 2006


To this world Rachel.

She was born on Mary 30 at 9:38am weiging 6lbs 1oz. She and Mary are doing great.
Rachel would be the first one to call me "auntie"... :)

Mom's flowers.
It's beautilful outside. Hot.

I watched 2046 and Silent Hill the other day. I really liked 2046. Silent Hill was bad. I should've watched it when I couldn't sleep...

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I went to see a doctor this morning, I left home earlier than I usualy do. Anyways, doctor wasn't very happy about to see my pimples. (you can even see them in yesterday's pic) I have to take some medicines. Doc thinks they can't be healed with just applying an ointment. He told me I should've visited him earlier. So they took my blood to check if I'm healthy enough to take the meds. Result will come back next week.

Summer like sky. I put the shade.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Look like

A beat generation poet from New York city who can get messages from the univers.

Monday, May 22, 2006

CSI Marathon

Skunk cabbage

Lysichiton camtschatcense


Those pics are nothing to relate with today's title. I've been meaning to post those for sometime. My dad took those earlier this month when my parenst went for a bus trip to Hyogo around Tamba.

Anyways, having a relaxing day off. (yeah, I know... again!) I've watched 5 CSI episodes. Good shows.
I've been trying to avoid thinking about what to do after I finish my contract. At least at home, I try not to think about it. Cuz there's TONS of time to think about that AT WORK. Super slow there now. I do some research and calculation at work. Scribble some numbers, time lines out on papers.
Well, there's something I must do. Buy a lottery. If I won, I don't need to worry about anything. haha

Thursday, May 18, 2006


There's a moment you can't really stop to be emotional.
I think I am pretty stable, not a drama queen. Not very emotional. But I had that moment today. We got a call from a relative. And were told one of my dad's cousin is not doing well.
She's much older than my dad. She was my tea ceremony teacher.
Last time I went to the lesson was few years ago. At age of 83, she's very fine. And I'd never thought about she's getting sick and weak. My family used to joke about she would live longer than I would.
Not that I was very close to her, but at the hospital this evening, I thought I was gonna start crying. She's so skinny and sometime lost her consciousness. She smiled at me though. So she still recognized who we were... I don't know how I'm feeling about the visit now... it's more like try not to think about it.

My sister/best friend Mary embracing her baby.
I just thought I have to post this picture today...

Monday, May 15, 2006

What to Do?

I found this site from Andrea's. It's called 43 Things.
Since I like to make a list. I went there and see what it's like.
Pretty cool site.
... 43 Places is fun too.
I thought there's so many things I want to do. But when I started to make the list, there weren't too many actually.
And now I was gonna make a link to my list, that site didn't work. oh well...
I will make the link later then.

Today was my day off. Only 2 and half more months to go now. Today I just got lazy and I don't want to think about what I should do after that and I don't want to do some research which I need to do. Did yoga for an hour or so though. Tried new program, hard... watched few CSI episodes. I also talked to my friend in Brampton, Manira and Calgary. So I guess I can still call it pretty productive.

updated : here's the link to my list.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New and Old

When I was in TO I could spend sometime in my old favourite book store. I took one book and started reading. I was into the book too much and I didn't notice my friend came and left. (I was at far back of the store. not good spot for waiting someone...oh well)
The book I was reading is this. I've read this book before. When I was in high school, first year. It was one year after the book was first published. I liked the covers. I don't remember what I thought about the book though. Maybe I didn't understand and didn't like it. I was only 15.
I was 15 and just got in the high school. I still remeber the first novel I've read. I was at my friend's house after school. (seems like I was there almost everyday) At her house, we did whatever we like to do. Sometime together sometime separately. One day I took the book from the book shelves. It was her older brothers I think. He's mysterious guy who spent lots of time by himself. He was very pale, smart and quite good looking. I've been to my friend's house often for about a year, but I'd never talked to him. I don't remember I had heard him talking. He had many books and I've read lots of them. I liked his taste of the books. I lost in touch with my friend and I don't know what her brother doing. I can't imagine him, working in a busy office. Maybe he now owns a small book store and happy surrounded by lots of books.
Anyways, I liked the book. I could picture the story in my head. I liked the darkness. I guess I was in that animation like darkness myself. When I was 15, what I did was study and party hard. I had totally different life style back then. That year I consumed more alcohole than I did last 10 years. Oh well, it's extinctive prescription (? 時効?) right?
My passion for reading has never changed though. It started when I was in great 3. Still read a lot now. after... more than 20 years... gee

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Sound of Thunder

It was raining till early evening today.
No sound of thuder though.
That's what I watched today. Not a great movie but I thought it's pretty interesting. And sure I like Ed Burns. hehe

Went out for dinner with family. Yum.

Plants in the garden.

Tonight, I was looking at my passport. I don't feel like I've been to many places but so many stamps. (No, I haven't been many places. Just keep going back same place. haha) So same stamps everywhere. Most countries put the stamps close together though I found US immigration stamp more than 10 pages after the page which has the stamps from my last trip couple weeks ago. (stamps from last trip are on page 18 and the US one from June 2000 is on page 35)
I don't know when would be the next time I take my passport to go out. Hopefully soon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Mary.
Love you lots and lots!
Hope you have a good one.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


My friend and I were talking about pheromone at work today. Well, mostly she was telling me that people tends to be more attracted to someone who's not like themselves. So if you are meeting someone similar to you, there's not much pheromone producing by neither of you.
I don't know about that though it's interesting topic.

I changed the links part a bit.

I feel like I should write more here. I just have been very lazy for a while.
I have lots to think about lately. I thought I can remember many things (I usually remember many things, mostly silly things) though now I can't remember how long I worked for a job No.2, No.3, No.4 and No.5... well, I guess I've had too many jobs?! I remember when I quit them all though. :p
I think about future, jobs and life often lately... ugh

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Green all over now.
Makes me smile to look at trees on the streets.
Yesterday was hot like 30 high. (too hot...) Today is pretty mild, 21 high...
Took some pictures at our backyard. Lots of flowers. Sure it's Spring now.
It's GW (Golden Week) here in Japan. Some people having vacation from April 29th to May 7th. For me it's just another week at work. I actually have less day offs. Not that I really mind.
3 more months to go till I'm out of the job. Again, not that I really mind.
I've gotten a new watch.