Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Going to

Osaka tomorrow.
Gonna see some friends. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Finally it's time!

To wear this! Thank you very very much Andrea!
(what a goofy pic... oh well)

Well, that was yesterday. And seems like tomorrow would be 19 degrees high! It's almost December!!!
I will be in Osaka this week. It would be nice and fun to see friends there.
At least I have something to look for. And one of my friends promised me to flirt with me heavily. And I promised him to punch him if he did so. haha

Saturday, November 26, 2005

6 weeks?!

Last night my friend A who's in Philippine told me he's going back to TO for 6 weeks from this Sunday.
6 weeks?!
Well, he has family and friends there. I think he's Canadian as well anyways...
6 weeks... well, when I finish this contract I can go somewhere longer than that.
I'd love to go back to school though don't think I have enough money for that. (and not enough motivation to borrow money to do it either) Lately I've been thinking about what to do after I finish the contract a lot. I probably... well, most likely go back to Canada... but since my French went back to nothing... I think I'm pretty good at learning new languages. IF I keep learning, it I would be okay. Though French, I've stopped studying few times for other things to study. I've just had a big break too. I stopped studying French since... Aug? Yeah, end of Aug. 3 months later, I don't remember a thing.
I decided to go back to the lesson next month though. Thanks to my teacher K. She's very patient with me and always willing to teach.
oh well, what I was gonna say here??? oh yeah, well, since my French went back to nothing, sometime I think that "is that a smart move to go to French school?" I can just take some courses insted. Courses which I have no idea what. Not just yet.
I still have at least 6 months to think about what I would do. So I take my time.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Once in

A blue moon.
My friend J sends me an email. Friend?... hmmm anyways, J sent me an email today. (first time in few months) Asking me how I've been doing. I've written about him before that he's always sent me an email when I thought we lost in touch forever. Exactly the day I thought about it. Like he knew I thought about it!
And I know that he sent me the email and see how I've been doing... also see if he can ask me more favours.
Some people just take everything they can.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I went out for a dinner with friends.
Yakiniku (BBQ)


"guys that don't make an effort aren't worth it"

Thanks Nicole, exactly my thought.

Monday, November 21, 2005

He's Just Not

Yeah, I think so.

This book just poped up in my mind this morning.
Exactly what I've been thinking.

Today at work, we found out exactly when our life there will end.
End of July.
July 31th that is.
So I started to calculate.
My money and time...
I will definitely have another vacation before that.

Today I also was thinking about what to get for Christmas for myself.
Christmas then my birthday coming too. I should think about what to get for my birthday as well. Thinking to get a pair of glasses for Christmas. I should start getting some stuff for my friends soon. And send them before postoffice will get busy.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Do nothing day

My do nothing day today.
Watched few CSI episodes and did yoga for an hour or so.
now thinking to write some emails I've been procrastinating.

Some of my friends are away this weekend. To NY, to Melbourne and to different asian cities.
I've been very attracted to visit Melbourne and some Asian cities. I've always chosen easy place to go for my vacation... last 10 years well, not quite 10 years yet though it's getting there. Yes, that means I've only gone to Canada for my vacation for a decade. I guess I've been to Singapore and Malaysia about 5 years ago for my friends wedding. But that's it. wow...
I should think about going somewhere else. Seems like I've been able to take my vacation twice a year so maybe at least once I should go somewhere not like the city I can still get back to a place I'm staying even though I'm super drunk. (well, that's a bad example though you get the idea eh?)

Friday, November 18, 2005

My Vacation

Okay I went back to work today.
More I'm coming back to my normal life, more I feel like my vacation was okay after all.
I just try not to think about my credit card bill next month, that's all.

Wed 9th, my sis M, our friend H and I went for shopping. Pretty much all afternoon. Then sis and I went for a dinner on Baldwin st and after that to AGO.
Thu 10th, I had a lunch with Carol and Aya. Indian buffet! At night, I had a coffee with Andrea.
Fri 11th, what did I do that day... oh yeah, I stayed on a couch till 4pm. Then went to ROM with sis. Had Chinese for dinner. After that we went to Future Bakery for coffee and cookie. That was a fun night. We had some "laughing so hard" moments at the cafe.
Sat 12th, saw Z in the morning. Very happy to see him. We had relax Sat morning. Afternoon was kinda disaster... but I could see J and chatted with him for an hour or so. Bad things brought some good things I think.
Sun 13th, brunch with sis and her cutie I. We went to Cora's. Gooood. More shopping.
Mon 14th, more and more shopping in the morning then lunch with C in China town. Vietnamese. At night... well, I don't wanna remember the night. More disaster.
Tue 15th, left to Vancouver. Visited B. We had a great day together in COLD Vancouver. Seems like when I got to Vancouver on Tue 8th on the way to Toronto and 15th in Vancouver were the coldest days while I was there.
Amazing. It wasn't cold this time while I was in TO! Carol! Tell your mom that I can bring warm weather too! hehe

I miss you already.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I got back from my vacation tonight.
Emotional roller coaster.
I think this is the first time I didn't feel sad on the plane back home.
During my vacation, I was happy at the moment but seconds later I was sad.
Oh well, I had lots of happy moments of course seeing my friends.
I will post some pics later.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I'm leaving today.
And finally I'm excited!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Tomorrow I will leave for my vacation!
I guess I packed ok. (might check tomorrow... haha)
I don't think I will post anything during my vacation so see you guys in 10 days or so.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Day after tomorrow I will be leaving here.
Still packing.
I probably will re-pack everything and pack everything again.
Ya, I like packing. haha

Saturday, November 05, 2005


3 more days to go.
Still thinking about what to bring. I mean my clothes.
Today was another very warm day here. I spent pretty much all day wearing t-shirt and no jacket.

... okay, now I go packing.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Day off today.
I decided to give my mom a cell phone, so I went to get it this morning.
First thing in the afternoon, I went to get a haircut. Did some shopping, had a cup of coffee.
Then went to get a massage... heaven.
I love packing and I am very good at it.
Planning to buy some clothes in TO so I wouldn't bring many.
I already have a shopping list which I have to buy at the Kansai AIRPORT before I get on the plane.
4 more days to go! Practically 3 more days. Next 3 days I will be working, so I only have 3 nights to get ready for my vacation.
Oh well, I will leave here in the afternoon on Tuesday, so it should be okay.

The weather here is just CRAZY. Today was 23 degrees high. And tomorrow would be 25.
25 degrees high... is called "SUMMER DAY"
I wonder what the weather will be like in TO... I will definitely feel weird bringing my winter jacket. Today I wore long sleeve t-shirt. No jacket. In the evening around 6pm.

I am really looking forward to my vacation anyways.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


5 more days.
I will have a day off tomorrow. Would be busy day.
One disappointment.
Entertainment on the plane. One of the fun things when I go on a long trip would be watching movies on the plane. But last time most of the movies on the planes were the one I've already watched.
And this time... would be the same... darn.
I will bring some books.

I'm getting a new cell phone.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Getting closer.
Well, this morning I found out that I won't be able to see my friend J from Halifax while I'm in TO. He's touring the week I'm in TO. If you are in TO on Nov 17th, go Horseshoe and see them live. Wish I can go. *sigh*
I am still getting happier everyday though.
I try to be optimistic and live the every moment. (and hopefully enjoy it as well)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

1 Week

1 week from today, I will be on the plane somewhere over the pacific ocean.

Busy day again, it'll slow down tomorrow I guess...

Can't wait to go on the vacation.